Monday, October 8,2012

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C.M.S Law Associates Co., Ltd. are congratulation to Mr. Chairat Sukban
Monday, October 8,2012

Pol. Maj. Gen. Amporn Pailee, Senior Consultant and Mr. Cameron Sukban, Managing Director of C.M.S Law Associates Co., Ltd. are congratulating to Mr. Chairat Sukban on the occasion that he was appointed as Deputy Mayor of Patong for the 3rd period

Phuket, Thailand
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Escrow Sub-Committee appointed
Thursday, September 6,2012

C.M.S Managing Director, Mr. Cameron Sukban is now appointed as an Escrow Sub-Committee to consider on variety of legal issues regarding the amendments of The Escrow Act B.E. 2551 (2008) and auxiliary regulations to comply with the practicality.

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Bowling Tournament
Sunday, September 23,2012

Mr. Cameron Sukban joined a charity bowling tournament held on 23rd September 2012 at CS Bowl, Big C Phuket by Military Training Center, Military Circle 41th. In the picture, Mr. Cameron Sukban was handing donation to Maj. Gen. Chanpradith Sangnin, 4th Army Area Deputy Commander.

Phuket, Thailand
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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Melbourne mum reunited with kids after Phuket ordeal

PHUKET CITY: Australian holidaymaker Annice Smoel is safely home after leaving Phuket on a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok at 9pm yesterday, then catching a connecting flight to Melbourne.

During a visit to the Phuket Immigration Office yesterday, accompanied by her husband Darren, Ms Smoel was smiling broadly in the knowledge that her departure from the 'Land of Smiles' was imminent.

Asked why she was grinning, the Australian mother of four told the media it was because she had regained her sense of hope – and was enjoying her first cup of tea of the day.

To questions of whether she felt any regret about the episode that left her stuck in Thailand without a passport after spending two nights in a jail cell, she simply said, “nobody intended for it to be this bad”.

Thai lawyer Cameron Sukban said Ms Smoel’s court-ordered 1,000 baht fine had been paid by Phuket Governor Wichai Phraisa-ngop.

Her two-year prison sentence, reduced to a one-year suspended sentence based on her confession, meant she would have to go through “special channels” if she wished to return to Thailand someday.

– Tiparintron Tannakarachod
Phuket, Thailand
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Friday, October 28, 2011
Phuket Governor pulled into appeal to fix deadly hill road

Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha listens attentively as Patong
Deputy Mayor appeals to him for the Patong Hill road to be fixed.
Photo: Chutharat Plerin

PHUKET: Patong Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukbal today pleaded for Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha to order the
damaged road on Patong Hill to be repaired.

The road was damaged by a landslide on October 13 after heavy rain fell across Phuket. The road suffered further
damage after yet another landslide at the same location on October 19.

At a meeting at Provincial Hall this morning, Mr Chairat explained to the governor that the road greatly affected the
safety of motorists heading to and from Patong, but that Patong Municipality was powerless to fix it as the road falls
under the responsibility of the Phuket Highways Office.

"The road is already busy with traffic in the morning and in the afternoon, and traffic will only get worse as we enter the
high season," he said.

However, Phuket Highways Office Deputy General Manager Sathaporn Sornchana told the governor, "The damage is
too great for us to fix it immediately. All we can do right now is draw up a plan and submit it to our head office for the

"Regarding safety, the best we can do right now is close that lane," he added.
Mr Sathaporn, however, did not explain how much the repairs would cost or precisely what would be required to fix the
road, considering that the damaged section borders a very steep slope.

At the meeting, Mr Chairat also called for the Phuket office of the Land Transport Department to ramp up safety
inspections on commercial passenger vehicles, especially buses.

The call for the boost in road safety follows the bus crash at the final curve entering Patong on the same road onWednesday in which 22 people were injured, most of them Russian tourists who had arrived in Phuket only hours earlier.

"The tour bus that crashed on Wednesday looked nice on the outside, but is was probably not that safe," said Mr Chairat.
The driver of the bus, Nakrob Tiewtrakul, told police after the accident that the brakes had failed.

Mr Nakrob has been a bus driver for more than 20 years.
Yet, Phuket Land Transport Chief Teerayut Prasertpol today in front of the governor blamed Mr Nakrob for reckless

"The driver of the bus was not paying enough attention when descending the hill into Patong," he said.
"Public transport vehicles are usually required to undergo safety inspections by Land Transport Department officers
twice a year. I can confirm that we are always strict on enforcing safety standards on public transport vehicles," he

– Chutharat Plerin
Phuket, Thailand
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Phuket Property
Is timeshare fair?
Mon 4 Apr 2011
By Jody Houton
MAYOR Chairat Sukban launched a campaign last month with the aim of reducing the risk of timeshare fraud in Phuket.

Huge billboard signs were erected around Patong containing email addresses and a telephone number for people to call to report any suspicious behavior or request information.

Besides the telephone number and email addresses being wrong and thus inaccessible, it signaled a readiness in the upper echelons of Phuket governmental office to attempt to understand more about the industry and offer assistance to tourists.

Laws and legislation concerning timeshare operations long established in Europe, as of yet, do not apply in South East Asia. The banning of taking timeshare deposits for example was implemented in Spain under the 1994 Timeshare Directive. Despite this, contract deposits continued to be cashed regardless of whether potential clients had pulled out during the 'cooling off' period. This continued to happen right until 27 May 2010, when a court ruling decreed that European timeshare owners could seek compensation from illegal contracts signed by developers after 1996.

Experts say that this has been the final nail in the coffin of Spanish Time Share; leading many timeshare representatives to either leave their profession or country in search of something or somewhere new…

Being accosted in Phuket is a regular occurrence, being offered massages, suits, watches and now time share contracts.

A timeshare representative, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Post, "I'm based in Kata and Bang Tao. I work in Kata, on the street getting clients in to the office - by giving them scratch cards and telling them "Wow, you've won a star prize! It could be one of these six amazing items, you've just gotta' come and collect your prize.'

The prize was fixed as the 'Dream Holiday' and the clients had to stay for 90 minutes to get it - not that the client knows it's fixed!"

The Post went to speak with the man with the plan, Patong Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukkabaan to find out more.

Why was this campaign launched?
Because although the timeshare business has been running for many years in Phuket, we still don't have enough details on the companies and which ones are operating legally or illegally. This is why we started this campaign.

What is the problem?
Companies often sell the rooms for over the number of days that they actually rent for. For example, they rent for a year but actually sell for more than one year.

So timeshare is bad?
Yes it is, because they often lie to the customer and when the buyer has problems, they have difficulties finding somebody who is responsible.

Are there any good things about timeshare?
It does help to support the tourism industry.

What is the difference between the big companies who own properties and manage them as a timeshare or holiday club business and those companies that sell timeshare on contract to a hotel or resort in which they have no financial interest?
The companies that sell timeshare on contract to a hotel or resort get more benefits than the big companies who also manage a holiday club business.

Which timeshare companies would you advise people to be wary of/stay away from?
People should be wary of every timeshare company and should check the credentials, details and background of the company before they buy.

What advice would you give to Phuket visitors/travellers/tourists?
Don't buy timeshare from someone who attempts to sell directly to you on the road. If you want to buy, you should contact the company or the hotel directly.

Would you like to see any change in the law to prevent any further problems?
Yes, I would like to see a change in the law, because if there are problems, there needs to be somebody who can solve it.

What should a person do if they feel they have been cheated by timeshare company?
They should inform the police and show your contract that you bought from that company in order to aid further investigations.

What actual help can you offer?
We can help them by coordinating with the police and we have municipal officials and police who look after the tourists and advise them to stay away from those who try to sell timeshare to tourists on the road or the beach.

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